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7000 newspapers and magazines - straight to your phone or computer


When you stay at Time Hotel you get free access to PressReader with over 7000 newspapers and magazines in 60 languages.


All you have to do is download the PressReader app, connect to the hotel Wi-Fi, and you’re up and running. Le Figaro, New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung and 6,997 newspapers are waiting for you. Why not try something you’ve never read before?

Here's how

Connect to Time Hotel's free Wi-Fi network.
If you have a phone or tablet, download the PressReader app.
If you have a laptop, go to
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113 46 Stockholm

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Fax: +46 8 545 473 01
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Reshi Chibba
MD/Site Manager 

Tiina Kalpa
Sales and Marketing Manager  

Angelica Hultgren
Front Office Manager 

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Regina Levenkova
Manager(Housewife)/Breakfast manager
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